Caterers may be chosen from the following list:

  1. Bourassa Catering and Events
  2. Chestnut Fine Foods
  3. Eli’s Restaurant Group
  4. Great Wall Restaurant
  5. Koffee Katering
  6. La Cuisine
  7. Marcia Selden Catering
  8. Spice Catering Group
  9. Sweet Relief Catering
  10. Yale Catering

Additional Information:

  • 500 ft. commercial kitchen is attached to the dining room.
  • Yale branded English China, glassware, and silverware available for use. No additional charge.
  • Round dining tables are available in two sizes. No additional charge.
  • Chairs for 104 people are available. No additional charge.
  • Linens may be rented through many caterers or through rental companies; linens are not available at the Center. 
  • All events and participants must adhere to the University’s policies regarding alcohol service and consumption.  Request a “TIPS” trained bartender from a catering company that has a liquor license when alcohol is served during events.